Mechanic Lover Natural Premium Hand Cleaner 4 GALLONs

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This premium formula is solvent free and will not dry, crack or harm sensitive skin. Formulated with mild surfactant blend including micro scrubbers to quickly cut through the heaviest greases and oils but always treating your hand with the love they deserve. Also combines Aloe Vera and PCMX for healthy hard working hands.  Dissolves heavy soils, such as grease, tar, resins, paints, adhesives, carbon and inks.The problem with other commercial soaps is that they have so much concentrated solvents and harmful materials they usually end up leaving your hands dry, cracked, and sore.  Mechanic Lover heavy duty industrial strength pumice hand cleaner was designed to remove tough soils without irritation. This great concentrated formula will help you save a lot of money on the amount of soap you use.  Fresh Natural Pine scent. Pump sold separately. Money Back Guaranteed!